The first step in the post-circumcision care process is to apply Vaseline directly to the area. This is not a major problem and does require no special preparation. It can also apply to the penis’ head. You may want to call your doctor to ask for a prescription for antibiotics. The wound should be kept clean for at least a few days.

Your baby will feel unwell after the procedure and may not be able to function normally for several days. The circumcision site may feel sore or painful. Paracetamol can be given every four to six hours to relieve pain. Your child should drink plenty of fluids and pass urine within six hours. It is normal for the plastic to start to fall off after seven to 10 weeks.

Circumcision aftercare should not be too difficult. Once your baby is circumcised, your pediatrician will give you specific instructions for the first few days. The first step is to ensure your baby’s skin heals properly. If your baby has a plastic penis ring, don’t try to pull it off. The ring will eventually fall off in seven to ten week, but you can still keep an eye on it to ensure it doesn’t slip down.

You should expect some discomfort for your child after the circumcision. Your baby might feel unwell for a few days and be unable to do anything else. Your child might experience some soreness or pain at the place of circumcision. Paracetamol may be prescribed to relieve any symptoms your child may experience. Also, make sure your baby passes urine within the first six hours. A sponge bath is also safer.

Your child will need to stay in hospital for at most a few days. The circumcision site may cause soreness and swelling. You should monitor your baby’s healing process and make sure to consult a healthcare provider. Before you perform the procedure, your child will be examined by a doctor to ensure that they are healthy and safe. Your child will need to stay in the hospital for seven to ten days afterward.

If your child had a Jewish circumcision, you should not wash the plastic ring with soap. Babies should not swim with it. The plastic ring can fall off for the first seven to ten days. If the ring is left on for too long, you can avoid giving your baby a bath. Your baby should not swim, and if they do go, they should use a sponge. It is also best to avoid pulling on the plastic penis if they do not pass urine within seven to ten weeks.

Within one day, your child can take a bath. Washing the area is not recommended as it can cause swelling. The drainage will diminish as the circumcision heals. Your child should not be allowed in the water for the first 24hrs. Your baby should not be placed in the water for at least six hours after the procedure. If the bleeding stops, you can change your diaper at home.

Your child will feel unwell the first few days following the circumcision. They will likely be sleepy for several hours following the procedure. They may also experience soreness and discomfort at the area of the circumcision. You can give your child paracetamol every four to six hours to help them deal with the pain and discomfort. Your child should also drink plenty of fluids and pass urine within six hour.

You should not give your baby antibiotics or paracetamol until a few more days after they have been circumcised. You should also avoid direct contact with the area for several days. You should then apply petroleum jelly liberally. After the procedure, you should ensure that your child doesn’t eat for at most a week. Your baby should feel normal after a month.